PA Classroom Update 9/27/19

This was a busy and fun week in Preschool A!  We started our focus on family this week with family portraits and dictating stories about our families. Look for our portraits and stories displayed outside the classroom next week.  We have had some delightful conversation about what makes a family and about how all families look different.  Some of us have baby brothers or sisters at home (or on the way), so we learned a fun song about putting baby to sleep.  It has been a great hit!
We also welcomed the new season of Fall with a walk to look for signs of the season.  We will take a walk over the next few Mondays to see how things are changing.  The children  have already made some insightful observations about the changes.  Apples are also part of our look at the season, and we will be doing a variety of activities with apples that we are bringing from home next week.
The children are already becoming great problem solvers with lots of practice, support and encouragement to work things out on their own.  It is delightful to see the pride and joy when they figure something out on their own!  This will continue to be a significant part of our preschool curriculum.

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Hello! My name is Anna Buenvenida and I am excited to join the SMM staff as the Preschool Director. I am grateful for this opportunity to combine my fondness for teaching with my cherished Catholic faith. I graduated from the UW with my B.S. degree in Psychology and then completed their Early Childhood Special Education program to earn my M.Ed. degree. Over the years and in different ways, I have had the privilege of working with young children with special needs and their families. I first worked as a Family Resource Coordinator for the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation in Magnolia. After grad school, I continued to work with infants and toddlers as a Special Educator at Wonderland Developmental Center in Shoreline. Eventually, I joined the Edmonds School District where I taught a developmental preschool classroom of 3-5 year old’s with a variety of special needs. After several fulfilling years of teaching, I decided to stay at home to spend more time with our kids, Marianna and Valentina. My husband Marc and I have really enjoyed being a part of the SMM community since Marianna started preschool here 4 years ago. We love watching the kids grow together, the sense of camaraderie with other parents, and the dedication of the teachers. I am looking forward to being more involved with the SMM community in this special way and to a wonderful school year!