About Us

St. Mary Magdalen Preschool balances learning and play to enrich the whole child’s learning experience.

Our preschool curriculum is for children ages 3 to 5 years old. It takes advantage of a child’s natural curiosity and their readiness to learn. The activities are fun, challenging and engaging. There are open-ended art, science, and table centers to encourage the children to explore and create. New concepts and skills are introduced while reviewing and re-enforcing existing skills.

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Language & Literacy

We encourage communication and vocabulary development by creating a literacy-rich environment that introduces children to a wide range of stories, letters, words, songs and rhymes. We use techniques from Project Glad for a deeper understanding of vocabulary. Project Glad promotes language and literacy through student-centered curriculum process that is inquiry driven.

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Basic math concepts are embedded into our daily routine. The children graph, count objects and patterns during circle time. We use manipulatives, games and activities to create hands-on experiences. Throughout the school year the children will be expose to counting, basic math concepts such as; the concept of more and less than, graphing,  and measurement.

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We encourage children to discover how to respect the feelings of others, while learning how they fit into the larger world. Through play and the use of problem-solving activities we instill empathy, kindness and cooperation.

Physical Development

Children develop mobility, balance and fine motor skills through dance, games and physical activities on a daily basis. The children go to a PE class once a week and do yoga during class time. Basic nutritional concepts are introduced to help them make healthy choices.

Music and Art

Each day the children are expose to music and art. Music fosters vocabulary and creative expression. Through music, art and imaginative play the children gain self-expression and creative thinking. The children go to music class once a week as well as do music in the classroom.

Science & Social Studies

The children learn about the world around them through art, cooking, and cultivating an organic vegetable garden.  Science units encourage hands on learning to explore how things work. The children learn about many different cultures through creative and fun activities.



Children learn about God through a variety of ways in the preschool classroom.  One of our fun projects is learning the Our Father in American Sign Language.  Children are taught that they are loved by God and that we treat ourselves and others with respect and kindness.  Bible stories are shared that correspond with letters of the alphabet; for example, C for the creation story, N for Noah’s Ark, J for the birth of Jesus, and M for Mary’s story.  We honor the season of Advent and Lent, pray before meals, and even learn about many of the saints.